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, | Unfiltered | July 11, 2021

During High School, in my final year, I’m struggling with maths, plus I’m a goody-two-shoes, so I do every asignment my teacher assigns to the class. I even do the extra assignments, to get extra practise. The rest of the class has less trouble with math, or just doesn’t feel like it, so they hardly do the assigned excersizes and just spend class talking.

One of the assignments goes terrible and my teacher helps me understand the assignment, spending half the class together. We look at it a few times and I understand what I did wrong.

Cue to the day of the test (just a normal test, not yet for the big exam). I am quite nervous, having grades between 50% and 60% most of the time. I see there are only 3 questions, but considering we have an hour to do them, I assume they are tricky.

The first two go fine; I know what I have to do and solve the problem. Then comes the third one. I become worried as time passes. I check, I double-check, I triple-check… but no matter what I try, I keep on getting the exact same answer as with the problem I spend so much time on with the teacher. The question feels like the same one my teacher and I discussed, but surely it can’t be the same!

Except, it was. Even though it was worded differently, it was the same problem. After the test, I heard all other students struggled with the question. It even turned out I was the only one who had the right answer… giving me a 100% for that test.

It was my only 100% for math ever and the cherry on the pie was that I was the only one of the class with a 100% as well. My other grades kept around 50% and 60% , but that one test surely helped my average in my graduation year!

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