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I collect shopping carts at my store. It is the day before Independence Day and it is very busy; generally, on busy days, people like to use the motorized scooters even if they don’t need to.

I am paged over the walkie-talkie that a customer needs one of these scooters and that she is located in the store’s lobby. I drive the scooter over to who I presume to be the lady in need and head outside. An older lady with a walker spots me and the following conversation ensues.

Older Lady: I need one of those scooters.
Me: Sorry, ma’am, but I just gave it to that customer over there. *points to the original scooter’s recipient.*
Older Lady: Well, it was supposed to be for me.
Me: *already annoyed with her attitude* How was I supposed to know that?
Older Lady: You need to get more of those.
Me: I agree, but there is no room in the lobby to put them.
Older Lady: You don’t need to put them anywhere, people like me will take them.

This conversation goes back and forth until I tell her that I’ll try to find a scooter for her. I see my manager and let her know the situation. Cue my manager asking the older lady what the problem was.

Older Lady: You don’t have enough of those scooters, you need more.
Manager: We have plenty already.
Older Lady: No you don’t, the situation with these has been getting worse and worse over the past few years. [Other Store’s Location] always has them in stock and if this is how things are going to be, then I’ll just take my business there.
Manager: I’ll let the store director know.
Older Lady: Yeah, you better.

The older lady eventually started shopping without a scooter, but told me that if I find one, to bring one to her. I promptly told her that I don’t have time for that today and walked away. While I am aware that I should not have had an attitude with this customer, it was a very hot and busy day with next to no help and I had ran out of patience.

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