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So I work at Customer Support for a big multinational telecommunications company. I’m speaking with this customer on the phone about his account and it goes like this:

Customer: So… I forgot to pay my bill and you cut me the service. I was out of service for three days until I was able to pay my bill. Can you guys give me a credit? To make up for my lack of service?
Me: Well, no. When you don’t pay your invoice you have an additional 30-day period to do the payment before we suspend your service and are given multiple warning throughout this period. There is no way we can do a credit. In fact, I’m seeing here that this is a recurrent matter and your account get suspended several times. Would you be interested in activating the direct debit to your bank account? That way you won’t miss your payments and don’t have to worry about it.
Customer: But I always pay my bills on time!! I want a credit!
Me: I’m sorry, sir. We cannot credit you the days you’ve been without service. Those days happened because you didn’t pay your invoices. If you don’t want it to happen again, just make sure to pay your invoices within the time that we give you.
Customer: At the other company they always gave me credit… Will I pay for this call too?
Me: We’re the ones calling you, there’s no charge for this call.
Customer: And you can’t credit it?
Me: No, we cannot.
Customer: Well, thank anyways. *hangs up*

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