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I work in a sushi bar as a waitress. Though I have been in a lot of strange situations but this one left me speechless. Two older ladies, probably mother and daughter, came in and sit outside. I give them our menus.

Me: Can I get you something to drink?

Daughter: Well, yes. I would like one of your green tea. The normal one in the cup.

Me: Of course. And for you, ma’am?

Mother :What is that, [daughter] ? Green tea? I want green tea. But not a cup.

She reads the menu where on top it says green tea in big letters. She points to one of our choices, which happens to be an organic one.

Mother: What is that? *reads the name out loud wrong *

I explain to her what exactly this kind of green tea is and how it tastes and so on.

Mother : *looks at me confused *So it’s a herbal tea?

Me: ?

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