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, | Unfiltered | July 7, 2021

(I’m at the grocer’s, waiting to pay for my items and chatting with my husband about something that happened at the office – an employee that likes to boss female co-workers was screamed out of the office today)
Me: “…he just showed up with a stack of sheets and barked, “Staple it.” No “could you”, “please”, or even “good morning”. She was even restrained in my opinion, the way he acted, he might be sporting the world’s first Prince Albert done with an office stapler!”
(At this point the cashier, who’s been scanning my items, visibly cringes. He gives me a quick, horrified glance, and looks up to my husband)
Cashier: “They just don’t have any idea, do they?”
(You made your point, dude. I won’t discuss body modifications where I can be overheard, ever again!)

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