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I work in a small town pet store. I am not a cashier normally, but I am register trained to help out in a pinch. I see that a line is building at our only open register so I approach the second person in line (customer #1) and ask if I can check her out at the next register. Before I can get there, another woman (customer #2) is already unloading her items.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, this woman was next in line so I’m going to have to ring her up first. It won’t take long.
Customer #2: No, I’m already here.
Me: Uh, I have to take the next customer in line …
Customer #2: Which is me.
Me: But —
Customer #1: Just take her. I can wait.

I ring out customer #2, trying to keep the displeasure off my face. She has dozens of cans of cat food, in no particular order, so they have to be scanned individually.

Customer #2: I thought you said this would be quick. Why are you so slow?
Me: The cans aren’t sorted so I have to do each one individually.
Customer #2: Bull**** you do. You’re just wasting my time!
Me: Do you know how many of each flavor you have? I can enter quantities if you know them.
Customer #2: That’s your job!
Customer #1: She’s not a mind reader, you crotchety old b****. You want it done faster, make it easier.

Customer #2 (turns bright red): Are you going to say anything about that?!
Me: Knowing the quantities would be faster.
Customer #2: You’re going to let her talk to me like that! I want your manager!
Me: Okay.

I call my manager over. Before I can say anything, Customer #2 launches into a tantrum.

Manager: I see. From what I’ve gathered, in spite of everything we’ve tried to do, you are still unhappy with your service here today.
Customer #2: YES!
Manager: I’m sorry you feel that way, ma’am. If you choose not to come back, we understand. (Customer #1), would you please follow me to the next register? I’d like to thank you for your patience.

Customer #2 stood there, gaping like a fish out of water. I finished her order and told her what the total would be. She glared and threw a wad of cash at me. I calmly opened it and put it in the register before handing her money back. She stomped out, swearing and kicking displays the whole way. So far, she hasn’t been back!

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