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I work at a national grocery store chain as a bagger. At the time of this, I’m a bit overweight, but actively trying to lose it. In the past, I had injured my knee due to twisting it repeatedly, between getting carts and getting bags into carts that are placed behind me, and I still had problems with it at times. I am also a relatively quiet and nervous person, and little sensitive.

It’s a Sunday, just after church let out. My knee was giving me some minor problems, so I was trying to go easy on it. A couple comes up, both looking like they had just left church.

The man moves and puts the cart behind me, and stand where I can’t adjust it. I’m a bit of a quiet person, so when I asked him if I could move it where it was more comfortable, he didn’t seem to hear me. I ended up kind of rambling as I do, still kind of quiet, and mention my injury. The man immediately looks and kind of glares at me. “You could do with some twisting.”

I just blink at that point, surprised at that kind of response. I continue bagging though, putting the bags on the counter, so I can put them in after (in attempt to do it as little as possible). He then starts grabbing all the bags. “If your not going to do it, I might as well bag them.” He continued to glare at me, and his wife had even joined in. I just stayed quiet until they left.

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