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(I am the customer in this story. I am shopping at a popular electronics retailer and notice they’ve got a new delivery of printer paper. Note that it is quite common for this store to have a still packaged delivery on the sales floor until someone puts it on the shelves. I notice some of the 500-sheet packets are torn open but still appear full, probably a delivery damage. Although my girlfried tried to stop me, I try to find a salesperson to ask them if they could be discounted. Yeah, I’m a cheapskate.)
Me: “Excuse me, [I explain the situation], do these packets happen to qualify for a discount?”
Salesperson: “Erm… I don’t think so. We usually use the damaged packets for the store printers.”
Me: “Oh, ok. That makes sense. Thank you.”
(He quickly takes the damaged packets away and resumes his work. Some time later, it dawned on me.)
Me, to my girlfriend: “Oh dear, I guess now he thinks that I ripped them open on purpose…”
My girlfriend: “I tried to stop you!”
I thought about trying to explain that I was genuinely curious and did not, in fact, rip a packet open, but I figured it would only make it worse.

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