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(It’s Friday, three hours into my shift. We’ve gotten our truck this morning, and I’m in the process of pulling a cart out onto the floor to put things away in my department. I head up to the front end and a woman asks me for help. While I’m leading her to the aisle I think has what she’s looking for, I see another woman letting her child STAND UP in the child seat of the cart to reach for things off of the very top shelf. Three feet away from her, there is a sign asking you NOT to do this. I go up to her.)

Me: “Do you need something from up there? Let me go get a ladder!”

(If my tone is rude, it’s because I think this woman is crazy. I don’t even really pause to hear her reaction and head for the stock room to get a ladder, muttering all the way about stupid people. I go back to her and set up the ladder, and then take down ONE more item. She’s got two carts full of stuff, which is great for sales, but her child could have fallen out of the cart. I head back to the stock room and complain to my coworkers.)

Me: “I just had a lady letting her child stand up in the cart to take stuff off the top cap.”

Coworker: “What????”

Me: “How difficult is it to read a sign and walk 30 feet to the registers to ask for help??”

(I saw this same woman a little later on the other side of the store and her children were running around and pretending to choke each other. I was glad I wasn’t on registers to potentially have to deal with ringing them up. How do you ignore a red stop sign three feet from your face? Some days I hate people.)

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