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(Im QA in a warehouse. I took some overtime because I like money. Because in overtime we just go down to one line there isnt much for me to do so I jump in however I can.
A supervisor asked me to throw out any pallets that were damaged or opened. I threw on some gloves and got to it. The first one smelled but was fine. Second one was covered in maggots. I screamed and jumped away.)

Me: NOPE! NOPE! I can’t touch that! Anyone want to switch jobs?

(Note: Im a 33 yr old small woman doing the “nope” dance around men my age or older.)

Everyone: Nope, you’re on your own.

(The supervisor that asked me to do the job came over and took out the bug filled cans. We went to the trash bins outside, in over 90 degree heat, and he said this…)

Supervisor: You should look in here.

Me: Nope. I can smell everything from here. Im good.

Supervisor: Oh come on.

Me: Just toss the stuff! (I start gagging)

Supervisor: Oh you’re fine.

Me: I hate you.

(I said “I hate you” in a sarcastic tone but Im really not a fan of him. Another day I stayed for overtime he had me stacking 70lb boxes. Im 110lbs soaking wet. Someone one step down from him stayed late to help me because they felt bad. I told them it was fine….but I want to backhand that supervisor. Im all for treating people equal but I havent seen him assign anyone else these back breaking and vomit inducing jobs. If we were in elementary school I would say he has a crush on me.)

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