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(I work at a private community recreation center. Members have ID cards that I scan at the entry desk to verify that their account is present and active. But, when members forget their card, they can put their name on a little temporary card that I hand enter, and initial. About a year ago, our system was replaced with a completely different program that doesn’t show the street address next to the names when I search. Our temporary cards were never updated and still ask for the address, even though now it doesn’t do anything to help us search, so we usually tell people to skip that portion of the card. A family of six comes in to the facility while I am working one Tuesday.)

Mother: We forgot our cards, can you just look us up?

Me: Sorry, I’m not able to do that. If you’ve forgotten your cards you can go put your name on the temporary cards over there (I point to the end of my desk). You only need to put your first and last name on the cards, I don’t need the address portion.

Mother: Oh ok.

(They all head over to start filling out cards.)

Mother: Can we just fill out one? We’re all under the same household.

Me: No ma’am, I’m sorry. I need one temporary card from each person who is old enough to have a membership card. But you only need to put down first and last name, I don’t need the entire card filled out.

Mother: But we’re all on the same membership?

Me: No ma’am, you are under the same household but you each hold an individual membership. I need one card from each, with first and last name.

Mother: *scoffs* OK then.

Kid 1: Whats our address?

Mother: (Address).

(They start writing again, and the mother brings me hers first. I look her up, check her off, and let her go. Before she goes off she tries to hand me her temporary card back.)

Mother: Do you want this card back in case my kids can’t spell our street address?

Me: No thanks, they don’t need to give me their address. Just first and last name. You’ll need this inside.

Mother: OH! Ok guys you only need to do your names! I’ll meet you inside.

(She leaves all five of her kids with me at the desk.)

Kid 1: Hey ( older sister) whats our address?

Sister: It’s (address).

Me: Guys, you DON’T need to give me the address, just write your first and last name.

Kids (1-4): OH! ok!

(Two more older boys successfully give me their cards, names barely legible, and the streetname misspelled with two different house numbers.)

Sister: Guys come on just put your name.

Kid 4: Wait, Last name?

Me: First AND last name everybody.

(After something like 20 minutes trying to fill out a single tiny card each, the last three kids filed through and got checked in. The poor older sister looked burned out. Their last name and street name were as simple as Smith, 100 River Ave.)

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