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Our company sponsors a Halloween float in the local parade. Our theme was 80s kids shows. One of my coworkers comes as Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street. She is wearing a fuzzy green sweater and mask. She took a trash can, cut the bottom out of it, and has it held up with suspenders. She is walking beside the float, handing out candy to kids watching the parade.

A bit into the parade, a teenage kid steps off the curb and starts following her. She turns to see what he wants, and he holds out a half eaten hot dog, dripping with toppings.

Coworker: What’s up?
Kid: I wanna throw this out,
Coworker (thinking he is kidding): Oh no! Too bad I’m not a real trash can! I’m Oscar the Grouch!
She offers him some candy, but he stares back at her, so she walks on to catch up with the float. A moment later, the hot dog hits her in the back, where the teen had thrown it. It slides down the inside of the trash can and lands at her feet.

Coworker: Ow! What’s wrong with you?
The teen smirks at her and points at the hot dog on the floor: pick that up trash can!

Freaked out, my coworker runs to the float, alerting us all to an issue. We have gone another half block when we see the teen running down the sidewalk, with a woman.

Teen: That’s her! She’s the trash can who yelled at me!
Woman: Why’d you yell at my son?
Teen: You gotta pick up the trash, trash can!

My coworker was so scared she ran over to the float and we hoisted her up onto it. A moment later, the teen and the woman ran out onto the street and tried to climb on our float!

Thankfully a police officer saw this and ordered them down and pulled them aside. We drove away before we saw how things ended.

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