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(I had just gotten my break. Ive also been trying to drink more water, so by the time I do get my break, I really need to use the bathroom. As I’m close to the bathrooms…)

Customer #1: Miss, where are your lottery slips?

(I walk a few feet away and show him the table with all our lottery slips.)

Customer #1: Thank you.

(As soon as I turn back to the bathrooms…)

Customer #2: Ma’am?

(I didnt think she was calling after me)

Customer #2: Ma’am?

(I reluctantly turn around, as my bladder is about to explode)

Me: Yes ma’am?

Customer #2: How do I use your scratch off machine? I can’t find where to put the coins in.

Me: I actually do not think it takes coins, but the ladies at the service desk can help you.

(She goes to the service desk, and I try to go to the bathroom a third time, and another customer literally bolts in front of me and takes the only available of our two single person bathrooms (and only bathrooms in the store). By the time a bathroom was available, I was ready to wet my pants. Thank goodness it did not come to that.)

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