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I used to work for a Christian retailer for many years and whoo-boy could I tell some stories. This one sticks in my mind however.

One of my co-workers, a young unmarried female, fell pregnant; bit of a no-no to our customer base. To assist her, she was retrained for a different department which had limited contact with the shop floor. One day however, she needed to get something from the counter and a female customer spotted her.

Immediately the customer exclaims, “Oh, you’re pregnant. That’s so exciting. Your husband must be so pleased.”

I could see my co-worker have a mini internal struggle as to whether or not she should lie, or tell the truth. She chose the latter and advised the customer she as not married.

The customers countenance immediately changed and she began raging about sin and how terrible this girl was etc. I bee-lined over right away and politely asked my co-worker, now close to tears, to please pop put back for a moment as the manager was looking for her.

As soon as she left I whirled on the customer and let fly.

“How dare you judge that girl! You have no idea the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy! She may have been raped for all you know! Or divorced. Or any number of things. You have no right to judge her whatsoever.” I let fly for a few more moments, before the customer, who at least now looked properly chastened, left the store.

As soon as she left, my manager popped out from the next aisle having heard the whole thing.

She says, “You know, I technically should reprimand you speaking to a customer like that. *pauses* I won’t though. Well done.” And wandered off.

Never saw that customer again either.

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