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Me (answering phone): Thank you for calling (hotel) at (location), how may I help you?

Customer: Is this the (hotel) at (location)?

Me: Sure is!

Customer: I need to be sure this is the place I’m thinking of. Your address is (address)?

Me: Yes ma’am.

Customer: You’re the only (brand) in (city)?

Me: That’s right.

Customer: (Describes lobby in great detail)

Me: That’s us!

Customer: You’re right next to a (restaurant)?

Me: Yes.

Customer: And you turn in at (other restaurant)?

Me: Correct.

Customer: And you’re right off exit (number)?

Me: Yes.

Customer: And there’s a (store) right next to you?

Me: That’s right.

Customer: ….

Me: Pretty sure we’re-

Customer (quickly): So if I’m going down (street), take a left at the auto place and make U-turn on (street), you’ll be on the right?

Me: (Confused)

Customer: HELLO?!

Me: I’m not aware of- (she sighs) – that auto place but I can Google directions for you.

Customer: NO I CAN USE GOOGLE MAPS MYSELF! (hangs up)

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