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(I work in a store that sells all kinds of sewing, knitting and crafting supplies, including beads to make your own jewelry. Most of the beads are sold by the piece and they’re all in separate containers with their own barcode, but we decide to get rid of some (very) old stock by putting all the old beads together in a huge bowl and letting customers fill a bag with what they want for a set price. We have this advertised on a sign and tell customers, and it’s actually a really great deal if you fill a bag. Two ladies come in and one immediately starts going through the bowl. My coworker walks up to her.)

Coworker: “Hello! I just wanted to let you know that these beads are on sale, and you can fill a bag for €7.50!”

Customer: (not listening) “I have this ring with stones I can change, and I’m looking for some beads I can fit into it. This one is nice.”

Coworker: “Well, we also sell beads separately, they’re over there on the counter if you want to have a look.”

(The lady is still not listening but comes over to the separate beads after my coworker tells her again, and even opens some drawers for her. She starts looking through them, quite rudely dismissing my coworker, who goes back to stocking yarn. I’m working on something close to the counter.)

Me: “Just so you know, if you want to buy one of the beads by the piece we need you to bring the container along to the register to scan the barcode!”

(She doesn’t respond at all, even though she must have heard me. After a while she comes to the register with two beads.)

Customer: “This one comes from the counter and this one from the bowl.”

Me: “Ok, I’m going to need the container for this one then, and as my coworker explained to you before, we don’t sell these by the piece. I have to charge a set price, but you can fill up an entire bag for that. It looks like a pretty basic bead though, so if you don’t want that I’m sure we can find something similar on the counter.”

Customer: “What! How was I supposed to know that? Just give me this one for the price of the other one.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that. It’s part of a sale and there’s only one way for me to check it out. You can pay €7.50 for the single bead, fill up the bag with more for the same price, or find something similar that isn’t part of the sale.”

Customer: “Well, nevermind! You just lost a customer!”

(Beads by the piece are pretty cheap, so if she had gotten the price she wanted this would have been a 70 cent sale or so. The kicker? If she had been nicer I would have made an exception.)

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