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, | Unfiltered | June 15, 2021

(This story was related to me by my grandmother. She entered her usual bank to meet with the manager, and as she walked in, a woman was screaming into her phone. It was the usual upset customer tirade – “they won’t do it, f*** this” so on and so forth. Occasionally, she’d turn and start yelling at the teller, who is apparently a nice guy who my grandmother has dealt with for years, and start cursing at him.

The woman keeps demanding to see the branch manager instead of the lower level employee – possibly a second teller – who is trying to help her, and the employee keeps calmly telling her that she’s in a meeting, but she’ll be out in a moment. Sure enough, the bank manager walks out of her meeting with another customer from a room nearby, where they could most certainly hear the angry shouting.

Customer 2 has apparently had just about enough of this woman, and tells her to stop acting like a child on her way out. This only makes it worse, of course. The bank manager does her level best to try and calm the customer down, but she won’t stop. So, she gives up and tells the woman to leave or be arrested, and that she’s not welcome in the branch anymore, ever. She calls my grandmother to come into the office for their meeting, while the angry woman is finally herded out by the employee and security.

It’s relevant to note here that Customer 1 and the bank manager are both black women, because of what she says on her way out.)

Customer: You stupid f*****g n*****.

(She then stormed out, got in her car, and peeled out. My grandmother talked to the teller after her meeting, and found out why the woman, who was easily in her forties or fifties, was so mad.

She was trying to cash her work check without any photo ID. Like a license – which she is legally supposed to have on her person whenever she drives. The best part is, if she had just calmed down a little, the bank manager was prepared to make an exception and cash the check. The nearest branch is about an hour or so away and they don’t currently offer electronic deposits – so she got to spend most of her check on gas money for the car she was driving illegally.)

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