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So, this was a day when nothing was going right. I got to the bank without the money, I couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near the store and I still was trying to figure where the money could have gone. I needed to get some quick groceries and I had my debit card so I went in and quickly found what I needed and got into the check out line. the store was busy and a line quickly formed behind me. When I reached into my purse for my wallet, I could not find it and rushed to look through all the places it could be hiding. No luck and I am next in line and I have milk (of course). Behind me was a man with a full cart and he had just shown me what he had for his grandchildren. So I told him to just go ahead of me while I go to the car where my wallet must be and I will be right back. Well, to my surprise, he had looked at what I had and said “why don’t you let me treat you?” Wow, I was really speechless and finally agreed. So I agreed and went to my car. As I was leaving, he was just getting to his car with a cart full of bags, so I stopped and helped him. what he did was just lovely and I will always remember Jim for his thoughtfulness.

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