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I’m personally atheist, but my freshman year of college, my roommate was Jewish. She became one of my best friends, so naturally we were together a lot. I picked up on a lot of her mannerisms and phrases, a lot of which were Hebrew and otherwise Jewish things.
I came home for the summer after freshman year to my job I’ve been at for years. I’m a host at a restaurant. A customer is making polite small talk with me.
Customer: My daughter just had a baby, too, so we are leaving dinner to go visit her in the hospital.
Me: oh, Mazel! You must be so happy.
Customer: (pauses) what did you just say?
Me: Oh, I said mazel. It’s a shortened version of mazel tov. Like congratulations in hebrew.
Customer: (suddenly volatile) I don’t talk to fucking Jews. Trump will get you out of here soon.
(She leaves)
I have no idea what that was about. I almost wanted to say “but I’m not Jewish!” But that wasn’t the problem with what she said. Some people have the nerve to be like this in 2018!

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