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I worked at a popular kids jewelry place that also does ear piercings. I was one of the best piercers there, so whenever someone came in to get pierced, I was usually the one to take them.
A woman and her daughter, probably early teens, comes in one day. They’re very nice, but they show me the daughter’s ears. Her piercings are VERY lopsided. One ear has a piercing almost on the edge of the lobe, while the other is almost near the cartilage. It’s terrible. She tells me they got them done at my store, and the manager told her they could come in and get them re-pierced for free. My manager happens to be in the store at the time, so I call her out and double-check to make sure I can do the piercing for free. We keep the paperwork you fill out for the piercing for one year, required by law, in the storage room in a filing cabinet, so we should be able to check her paperwork. My manager has no idea who they are and hasn’t told anyone they could get a free piercing lately, if ever in her year of managing there.
Customer: Well, the other manager told me.
Manager: Oh, [assistant manager’s name]? I’ll give her a call to make sure she authorized that. Do you know what [assistant manager] looks like, just so i know she’s the right one?
Customer: The manager I spoke to had black hair.
Manager: We don’t have any employees with black hair at this store, let alone a manager.
Customer: (becoming irate) Her name was Elizabeth and she had black hair.
Manager: (realizing what’s going on) Elizabeth, the old manager? She hasn’t worked here in a year and a half, at least.
Customer: (quieter, but still rudely) Yes, her.
Manager: Ma’am, May I ask how long it has been since your daughter got her ears pierced?
Customer: Two, maybe three years.
Manager: Ma’am, we only keep piercing paperwork for one year, then it is disposed of. If we don’t have your paperwork, we have no way of knowing if your daughter actually got her ears pierced here, which we would need to verify before we gave a free piercing due to our own mistake.
Customer: Why the hell would you throw away my paperwork?
Manager: After one year, we throw away all paperwork. We do it every morning when we come in. It’s company policy to get rid of it after exactly one year.
Customer: Surely you have other documentation.
Manager: No, we just make you fill out paperwork for the piercing. If you didn’t fill anything else out, we don’t have anything but what we threw away.
Me: (stupidly interrupting) Your daughter has had her ears pierced like this for two years?
Customer: Yes, and the manager two years ago told me that we could come back a free piercing whenever she was ready.
Me: …..you didn’t come back right away, or sooner than two years?
Customer: She was TRAUMATIZED by the piercing!
Manager: We can’t do this for you, ma’am. You’re welcome to call corporate if you’d like, but for all I know, you pierced them yourself, messed up, and now you want to fix them for free.
(The lady goes BONKERS, yelling, screaming, trying to tear down displays until i step in between her and the merchandise. She looks at me like she wants me dead)
Customer: I’ll have you both fired! I’ll get the whole chain shut down!

She left, and we never heard anything from corporate. Also, it’s the BIGGEST ear piercing retailer in the country. Everyone knows this store. I highly doubt one stupid woman and her bad piercing job would have brought that all day. This story also happened two years ago.
Funny enough, though, the chain just went bankrupt. Probably for unrelated reasons ;)

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