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I used to work at a well-known kids and teen jewelry place that also specializes in ear piercings. I was 17, so I was just a sales associate, meaning I couldn’t be in the store without a keyholder or manager, and I didn’t have the ability to process returns or exchanges. On this day, I was working with my manager. I usually did the piercings when one came in when I was with her so she could stay at the registers and help customers while I pierced. However, her friend came in with her baby asking for my manager to pierce her ears, so I stayed at the register.
Customer: Hi, I just need a tiara. It’s my friends bachelorette party and I know you guys have some cheap ones here.
Me: Yeah, of course! They’re actually on the side of the register area.
(I show her our array of tiaras. She picks one and looks at the tag)
Customer: This is far too expensive for a piece of sparkly plastic.
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am. I don’t price the items. I just help you check them out.
Customer: Obviously (she rolls her eyes). I guess I’ll get this one. Her party is in an hour.
(I ring her up and try to make nice small talk during the transaction. She’s being rude, so I stop and send her on her way)
Important to note that ear piercings can take a really long time if the child is young, and my manager was trying to pierce a 3 month old. She is still doing the piercing and everything with it 30 minutes later when the tiara lady comes back in.
Customer: This stupid fucking cheap tiara broke.
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am! Is there something I can do for you? Help you find another one?
Customer: God no! I need to return it.
Me: Okay, we can do that. I’m not authorized to do returns, though, so you will need to wait for my manager to be finished with the piercing.
Customer: Can’t you just make the system do it?
Me: Uh, sorry, I can’t. My employee ID is marked as not being able to do returns, so the system won’t let me.
Customer: You must be smarter than a computer!
Me: Aha, yeah, it just doesn’t let me. I’m sorry. It shouldn’t be too long for my manager.
(The lady agrees to wait a few minutes before my manager is done. I watch my manager pierce the second ear, literally almost done with it, when I feel a thunk on my head)
Me: What the hell?
Customer: You fucking bitch! I waited too long, and now I’m gonna be late for the bachelorette party. Take your stupid plastic crown and shove it up your asshole.
(She storms off, leaving me in tears from the pain of hard plastic hitting my face, and the words she said. I was 17, I wasn’t used to nasty customers yet)
My manager let me take a break while she cleaned up the tiara and the ear piercing station. I cried in the back for almost an hour. Thankfully this was several years ago and ive toughened up, but still, customer service workers of any kind don’t deserve that kind of treatment. I hope her friend had a terrible bachelorette party with that horrible friend.

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