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I worked at an Italian restaurant and worked as a cook most of the time. But on this night I picked up a shift in carry-out.

*Elderly man walks into the carry-out lobby in a bowler hat and duster*

Me: Hi! How can I help you today?

Elderly Man: Do you have any men working here today? Where’s [male co-worker]?

*I’m confused, so I go and get the male co-worker who was also working carry-out. He enters the elderly man’s order, and then goes back to his work*

Me: What was up with that? Was that guy your grandpa or something?

Male Co-worker: No, he’s a regular. He refuses to have women take his order because he feels women always mess up his order.

Shocked, I go back to the kitchen to package his order. I read the order ticket and laughed to myself. The order was so specific and picky I recognized it right away. Little did this sexist elderly guy know, that the meal the he has enjoyed for the last few years, the meal he comes back regularly for, was always prepared by me, a lowly woman.

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