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, | Unfiltered | June 7, 2021

(Our hotel is near a very large, major city, so a lot of tourists like to go visit it. Like any large cities, it’s hard to navigate unless you know it really well. I always get customers who ask how to get there and what is the best way.)

Me: “The subway or the bus is best.”

Customer: “Not driving? I have a SUV.”

Me: “Driving is very difficult in [City]. Even for me.”

Customer: *fretting* “But I might miss my tour!”

Me: *giving up* “Well then, go ahead and drive.”

Customer: “But you just said the subway or the bus is best!”

Me: *headdesk*

(And so they choose to drive. After their tour, they come back looking frazzled.)

Customer: “Why didn’t you tell me that driving in [City] is difficult!”

Me: *mentally scream* “I DID!”

( Listen or don’t ask for advice!)

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