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(It’s a ridiculously warm day in May, and I’ve just gotten off of work. I decide I want something cool to drink, and decide to try the relatively newly-opened [chain ice cream place] just down the street on my way home. I hate drive-throughs, so I step inside the lobby. There are about three people ahead of me, which is fine because I’m not completely sure what I want. I spend a couple of minutes perusing the menu and settle on a drink. Meanwhile…)

Customer #1: “Is there another $5 basket?”

Cashier #1: *looking a little flustered* “Um?”

(He asks someone behind the counter in the kitchen a question, and then goes back to the customer.)

Customer #1: “The last time I was here they had another chicken basket for $5. Which one is it?”

(They go on like this for a moment, and finally the cashier calls over a man I assume to be the manager. The manager explains to the customer that that particular basket doesn’t exist anymore. He goes back behind the counter and I assume the questions are over and the woman will pick something.
She doesn’t. She keeps asking questions, and Cashier #1 disappears somewhere, Cashier #2 taking over. Note that they have two registers, and nobody comes up to open the second one and get the rest of us in line taken care of more quickly, which most other places try to do. I theorize that their drive-through is the priority and try not to let my wait bother me.)

Cashier #2: *continuing the conversation about the chicken basket* “Yeah, they cancelled that basket a while ago.”

(Customer #1 continues to ask questions about the meal she finally chooses, whether it’s spicy or not, etc. The next person in line gets fed up and walks out, but I stick around to see what’s next, since I have nowhere to be and I’m committed to getting my cold drink at this point. FINALLY the two women at the register finish their order and walk away, so I step up to the register.)

Me: “Hi, can I try a mango pineapple smoothie please?”

Cashier #2: “Mango pineapple? Okay! Which size?”

Me: “Oh, uh, how big is a small?”

Cashier #2: *gestures* “About yea big.”

Me: “Uh, yeah, I’ll go with a small.”

(She finishes my order, Cashier #1 still nowhere to be seen, so I assume he’s on a break or maybe his shift was over. I wait a few minutes for my drink, though not quite as long as I waited to order in the first place. I watch the employees in the kitchen area prepare quite a few other orders before mine, which makes sense because the drive-through had looked pretty busy as I drove up. There’s a woman I assume is a manager or owner running back and forth to the lobby freezers with product like ice cream cakes, and I smile politely at her a couple of times as she passes. The woman who had been with Customer #1 comes up at one point to ask for more gravy with her meal.)

Me: *mumbling to myself* “They should probably charge you extra for that.”

(I finally hear the kitchen employees discussing my smoothie and a minute or so later it’s set on the counter for me. Cashier #2 hands it to me and I say “thank you,” grab a straw, and walk out. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but I got a small for a reason, and for less than $3 it wasn’t a complete waste of money. At least now I know what to expect next time?)

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