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, | Unfiltered | May 31, 2021

We have a regular customer who comes in almost every day. He tends to order off the menu but change the item in some way, so when he orders a sandwich without the lettuce it comes with, I don’t think anything of it. However, he decides to tell me why anyway:

Customer: Did you hear about that recall on lettuce because people are getting E.coli from it? That’s why I asked for no lettuce on my sandwich.

Me: Yes, I did hear something about it, but it was for chopped romaine. We don’t get the already-chopped kind, we get the whole heads and chop it ourselves. Besides, that’s not romaine on the sandwich anyway.

Customer: I know. But I’m just not going to eat any lettuce until this is over, just to be sure.

Me: I can understand that. Better safe than what?

Customer: Well, than shitting all over the place!

Me: SORRY! I was looking for the word “sorry”!

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