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(I’m a cashier at a chain supermarket.A woman and her young son come to my line with several kid shirts,a box of candy and an Equestria girls doll.Behind them is a woman in a nice dress with a lot of expensive sweets and a sour expression.)

Me:Hello.How are you today.
Mother:Very well.Come on honey,give the nice lady the doll so she can scan it.Sorry,he’s shy.
Me:No problem.

Woman:How dare you buy that girl’s toy for him?Are you trying to turn him gay?!
Me:Ma’m,please don’t yell.
Woman:Shut the hell up!

(The kid is in tears now and the mother tries to calm him down.Several other customers started staring but doing nothing.I’m usually a very patient person but this woman is always a pain in the butt.)

Me:Ma’am,you’re the one that should shut up!
Me:Do you even know them?
Me:Thought so.How do you know the doll isn’t for his friend,classmate,sister,cousin or neighbour?Even if it is for him,you have no right to comment.
Woman:So you support deviant sinners?
Me:I support decent human beings.Everytime you;re here you cause a scene while spending your husband’s money on expensive candy and alcohol.Got anything else to say?
Me:Good,now please behave and let me finish this transaction and clear the line line behind you.

(I managed to get through the day.That awful lady even had the balls to complain about the “rude little devil worshiper.”The manager knew me well so he banned her for her numerous scenes.The little boy and his mother came a month later to buy groceries.The kid was happily holding his doll.)

Kid:Mommy look,its the nice lady.
Mother:Yes she is.
Me:I didn’t quite catch your red headed friend’s name.
Kid:This is Sunset.She’s my favorite.

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