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(I am walking through the produce department, carrying a bunch of things, when a customer stops me. Important: I do not work in produce, I just happen to be the only employee there at the time. She informs me of an extremely minor problem. I tell her I’ll get to it in just a moment. Wrong answer, apparently, given what happened next. She follows me to the cart I’m using, and I nearly bump into her after I put the stuff down and turn around to go back.)
Customer: (rudely) Well, are you going to do it?
Me: In just a moment.
(I need a special tool to do the job properly. I don’t have one on me, but I think I know where I can get one and start to walk towards the back. I also look for someone who actually works in produce to show up. No one is in the back, and neither is the tool I’m looking for. The customer is standing there, glaring at me.)
Customer: (scoffs) You are so lazy! Just so you know, it took me all of two seconds to do the job myself. I’m going to report you to your manager and tell him how lazy (my name) is.
Me: I’m sorry. I was looking for the produce manager becaus-
Customer: (sings) Lazy, lazy, lazy, (my name) is so lazy.
Me: I’m sorry, but I-
Customer: Lazy, lazy, lazy.
Me: I’m sorry, but I don’t work in produce, and I was hoping the produce manager would know where-
Customer: Lazy, lazy, lazy.
Me: … Sorry.
(I get out of there as fast as possible, but when the customer isn’t looking, I double back to make sure she didn’t do any damage. She did report me to the manager for being lazy and having an attitude. My manager was ready to dismiss it as a customer having a bad day, but he couldn’t. Turns out she worked at corporate! He talked to me for about five minutes about how I never know who I’m talking to, that I need to be careful with how I word things, and that he would try to smooth things over, since he knows I’m really good with customers.
And the task that was so important it couldn’t wait: The signs (which are stickers) for the turmeric and ginger root were flip flopped. Both of the baskets were too full for me to try and pick up and move. We have a special tool to help remove the stickers without ripping them. Thankfully she didn’t do any damage to the signs when she took them out and put them under the correct baskets, but would it have killed her to wait?

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