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(My wife and I are loyalty members at a coffee shop and get vouchers for two free coffees a month. My wife doesn’t drink coffee, leading to this discussion with the baristas on several occasions)
Me: we’ve got the vouchers for the two free coffees a month. Can we use them to get a hot chocolate instead?
Barista: No sir. You can only use it for a coffee drink.
Me: a coffee drink?
Barista: Yes, any coffee drink.
Me: Can I get a cafe mocha on the voucher?
Barista: that’s a coffee drink, so yes, you can.
Me: Ok. Can I get a cafe mocha on the voucher then? And could you please keep the espresso separate on the side?
Barista: Sure, no problem! *proceeds to make hot chocolate and espresso, accepts the voucher, and hands me both drinks*

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