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Our company consists of a few departments. Different departments deal with different things and have separate systems and we can’t access each other’s systems. I get this fairly often unfortunately:
Me: Thank you for calling.
Customer: Hey I made a complaint/arranged a repair/etc. I just want an update.
Me: Okay you would need to speak to (Department) to get that information. Let me transfer you to them.
Customer: No. I’ve been trying to to call you for a while and I don’t want to wait any longer.
Me: I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately I don’t have access to their system so you would need to speak to them.
Customer: I’ve already called you. Can’t you just help me? Here are my details…..
Me: I’m sorry. As I’ve said we have separate systems and I can’t access your details.
This goes back and forth for a few minutes. Honestly in the time they waisted arguing I could have transferred them already and they could have been finished with the call.
Customer: You’re not being very helpful are you. Can I speak to a manager?
Me: I really don’t know how we can help more as I can’t see your details. Neither me, nor my manager has access to these details. We can’t make something up.
Customer: Ugh, what do I have to do then? (Like I did not tell you 100 times)
Me: You would need to speak to (Department). Let me transfer you.
Customer: Fine, but I’m making a complaint about this call. Can I have your name?
Me: (In my most cheery voice) You’re free to do this. My name is (name), would you like me to spell that for you?

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