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This just happened to me. I work security for a major transmission company. My job is to answer the phones and dispatch other officers were they need to go.
I got a call from an employee of said company asking to speak with one her supervisors so I get the information from her. I look up the persons name and he pops up with an email but no phone for him. I tell her this and she starts giving me other names again either no information not even a name pops up or again no phone number. We finally transfer her to one supervisor we were able to find. In the process of being transferred she hangs up and calls back and starts going off. Mind you all our information in our computer system comes directly from the company so if we do not have anything it means it is not listed in the directory. This woman goes off for what seems like forever when finally my supervisor transfers mid sentence. Look while we are hear to answer phones and help people out if we do not have the information there is nothing we can do to help you.

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