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I work in a garden centre. A customer has come in with two withered plants, asking for a refund.

Coworker: It looks like they haven’t been watered or fed.

Customer: Wait, they need watered, AND FED?

Coworker: Yes. They also need access to sunlight.

Customer: Well, this is no good. I put these in my hallway.

Coworker: I see. These are more outdoor plants. People usually pot them outside their front door.

Customer: Oh… I didn’t think plants needed all this stuff.

Coworker: They do.

Customer: Well, can I get a refund or exchange?

Coworker: No. You killed your plants. Get out.

He tried asking for a manager, but in calling him, my coworker announced to the entire store.

Coworker: [Manager], a customer would like to return the plants he killed.

The customer was gone by the time the manager arrived, having also left his plants.

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