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(I’m a personal shopper at a grocery store. Part of the job is making substitutions if we are out of a certain product. For this particular order, the customer wanted to buy sodas that were part of a buy 2 get 3 free deal. She ordered three types of soda, of which we had one. I subbed the other two with similar products so she would still get the deal. I call her and explain the substitutions. This customer has been rude to me the entire time I’ve been on the phone with her when I get to this point.)
Me: So we’re out of (seasonal flavor of soda A) so I got you regular (soda A) instead.
Customer: …. Okay…
Me: And we don’t have (soda B which the company no longer makes), so I got you (soda that the company replaced with soda B).
Customer: Absolutely not! I hate (replacement)! I want (soda B).
Me: (brand) isn’t making (soda B) anymor-
Customer: What about (soda from rival brand)?
Me: Well, that’s a (rival brand) product, which is on a different sale right now. Howe-
Customer: You know what? If I can’t have my (soda B), then I don’t want any soda at all!
Me:… Okay. I will take off all the soda then.
Customer: I can’t believe that you don’t have (soda B), and it’s part of the buy 2 get 3 sale. Ugh.
Me: Like I said, (brand) isn’t making (soda B) anymore, they replaced it with (replacement).
(I somehow manage to get through the rest of the phone call. If she hadn’t been so rude and impatient with me, I would’ve been able to tell her that I could give her the rival brand’s product for the same price, and I would’ve been willing to figure out the math to know how much to charge her. I don’t know why she doesn’t like the replacement drink. While I myself don’t drink soda, I’ve been told by friends who do that it’s the same thing but in a different label. I also don’t understand why the original name for the soda- which hasn’t been available for almost two years now- is still on the website for customers to pick.)

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