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(For my 21st birthday, as I have no friends since we moved, my parents decide that I need to go buy my first case of alcohol. So they send me up to the local 24 hrs. Gas Station at 11:50 pm on the day before my birthday. So I walk in and walk over to the beer coolers. It’s pretty obvious that the cashier doesn’t think I’m 21 since I am so short and look around 15. So I finally pick my first drink of choice and carry it up to the front. I set it down and start to pull out my ID, a quick look at the clock shows it is past midnight so I’m “Technically” 21 now.)

Cashier: We don’t sell to minors.

Me: Well it’s a good thing I’m not a minor.

Cashier: I need to see some ID.

(I hand over my ID, but my ID is not the normal horizontal ID as I am not a driver and I just turned 21.)

Cashier: *Looks at the ID for only a brief few moments* I can’t sell this to you. You’re a minor.

Me: What’s today’s date?

Cashier: *Confused* The 27th?

Me: *Sighs* What time is it?

Cashier: *Still confused but looks at the clock behind him* 12:18.

Me: So what’s today’s date?

Cashier: The 28th?

Me: What day is printed on my ID as a birthdate?

Cashier: *Looks at the ID* The 28th.

Me: So I can legally buy this as I am 21 years old.

Cashier: No you can’t buy it, your not 21. This isn’t a legal ID.

Me: Well I am 21. I handed you my legal ID and I’m trying to make you a sale. Now, will you let me buy this?

Cashier: But you don’t have a legal ID.

Me: *Takes my ID back* Well then I hope you have a good night since you clearly aren’t going to process my sale. *Leaves*

(I left and walked back home and my parents wondered where the alcohol was and I recounted the story to them.)

Mom: Don’t worry, we’ll take you to [Nearby Shady Casino], I know for a fact that you’ll get a drink there.

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