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(I am a cashier working at a restaurant. A young woman and her father enter.)

Father: “Go ahead. You can go order.”

(The daughter goes up to the front desk, orders her food, writes $5 on the tip line, and pays with a credit card. I give her back the receipt, and she goes to sit next to her father and wait for her food.)

Father: “Did you get it?”

(He looks at the receipt, and his face suddenly becomes very angry.)

Father: “Arrrrrgggggghhhh!! What did you do?! You put FIVE DOLLARS on the tip?!”

Daughter: (suddenly looking uncertain) “Yeah, I did…”

Father: “Why?! ”

Daughter: “There was a tip line on the receipt!”

Father: “Don’t you have any common sense?! You don’t leave a tip if you don’t get table service!”

Daughter: “I wanted to make her happy!”

Father: “It doesn’t matter! This is common sense! You shouldn’t be doing stupid things like this!”

Daughter: “Why is this such a big deal?! I wasn’t even using your money!”

Father: “You have to admit you’re wrong, or I’ll tell your mother!”

Daughter: (angrily) “Fine! I’m a stupid idiot and I’m never tipping a cashier ever again! Are you happy?”

Father: “Yes, you are stupid! You make me so angry!”

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