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(I work at a batting cage and we give out bats but we need to hold onto the customer’s keys or I.D. I have just come to the register from working on one of the machines so I didn’t take this guy’s I.D.).

Customer: *Returns the bat*
Me: Did you leave keys or an I.D.?
Customer: I.D.
Me: What’s your name?
Customer: It’s the only I.D. you have!
(I don’t know why he thinks this as we are quite busy and he can’t see what I.D.s we have.)
Me: No it’s not, what. Is. Your. Name?
Customer: *Says nothing and points to his face*
Me: *getting annoyed I throw up my my hands and give him my biggest WTF face*
Customer: It’s [name]!
Me: Here you go, [name]!

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