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(I am checking in a couple in their twenties along with a friend of the man. The couple seems very tense and they seem to be arguing. I check them into their rooms and go back to my work. About half an hour later I receive a call from the room of the couple.)

Man: I would like you to call a taxi for me. I’m going home to [town 500 miles away] and I would like to leave immediately.

Me: Certainly, sir. The taxi service that would be the cheapest would be [very high price] and the taxi service that could be here the soonest would be [much higher price]. Which would you like me to reserve one?

Man: What?! Those prices are ridiculously high! I can’t afford something like that.

Friend: *in background* Man, just calm down and think this through. You shouldn’t be doing this to yourself.

Man: Yeah, let me think about it.

(About half an hour later I hear a man screaming down the hall and in comes the man and his friend. The man is yelling at the top of his lungs and his friend is trying to calm him down.)

Man: No, I don’t care how much it f****ing costs! I’m not staying anywhere near that cheating b****. I’m going home, and she better find a new place to stay because she sure as h*** isn’t staying with me. I can’t believe I was going to marry her. Who does she think she is ruining my life like this?! *to me* Call me that cab. The fastest one.

Me: Sir, may I suggest an alternative solution?

Man: What do you mean?

Me: I can see that you are the one who has paid for the room. If one of you would be leaving I could ask my managers to refund one of the rooms to offset the price of the taxi. However, I do think it would be more comfortable for all involved if the one paying for the room was on hand to handle any situations that may arise, as all property damage would fall on you. You are also completely in control of who is allowed to stay in the rooms you have purchased.

(Both the man and friend look at me for a moment, and I see the man smile for the first time since he got there.)

Man: Would you mind removing a guest from my reservation, and changing my keycard?

Me: I would be happy to, sir! Will you still be needing the taxi?

Man: Oh, you won’t need to bother with that.

(There was more screaming later in the night as the woman carried her luggage out to the lobby and asked me to call her a taxi. The man and friend ended up sharing a room and got a refund for the second room. They had a great time, and they even bought me a few chocolates as a thank you for the suggestion!)

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