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There are two cafes in the small local shopping precinct. One of them, which is an expensive independent shop, has temporarily closed for renovations, so their regulars are having to make do with the other coffee shop.

This customer is in front of me in the queue.
Customer: *looks at the cakes on display* Can I have a teacake please?
Barista: Sorry, we don’t have any.
Customer: Or a hot cross bun?
Barista: I’m afraid we don’t do them here.
Customer: What you do mean you don’t do them here?
Barista: All of our cakes are in the display case. Maybe I could interest you in our Easter nests?
Customer: No.
Barista: I’m sorry. Would you like any drinks at all?
Customer: *shouting* this isn’t good enough! I want a teacake! [Other cafe] does teacakes!
Barista: yes, we do have a different selection to [other cafe], but I’m sure we can find a cake you’d like.
Customer: *shouting* I want a teacake! Make me a teacake!
Barista: Sorry, I can’t do that.

*The customer storms out. I give my order and while I’m waiting for my drink to be made, I can hear the next customer*

Customer: Two teas with semi-skimmed milk.
Barista: Sorry, we only have skimmed or full fat.
Customer: I want semi-skimmed.
Barista: I could do half skimmed and half full fat if you’d like?
Customer: We only drink semi-skimmed.

*My drink was made and I left. I felt very glad I was a customer, who could leave, and not a barista who would have to spend all day listening to people who didn’t understand different places selling different things*

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