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At the farm store chain I work for, it seems like the corporate office is adding a new dog food brand every other week. With 30+ brands on the floor it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep them all straight, and I work here! Then the other day I had this cheery little exchange with a customer:

Me: Hello ma’am, how are you today?
Customer: (nose buried in her phone, never looks up) Yeah…I need Blue Diamond Wild dog food. Where is it?
Me: …That actually sounds like several brands ma’am. We have Blue Buffalo, Diamond brand, and Taste of the Wild dog foods.
Customer: (still scrolling through her phone) Yeah that one. Where is it?
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, what I meant was that those are three separate brands of food. There is no Blue Diamond Wild food.
Customer: (scrolling) I’m picking it up for a friend. She says she gets it here all the time.
Me: Do you know what the bag looks like? (grasping for any detail to narrow the search)
Customer: Yeah it’s got a picture of a dog on it with a woodsy scene.

(Practically ALL of our dog food brands have a picture of a dog and/or a woodsy scene on them!)

Me: Well, if you’ll just follow me I can show you the three brands and we’ll see if something looks familiar.
Customer: (suddenly angry yet still refusing to glance up from the phone) FORGET IT! I’ll just go get it somewhere else! You obviously don’t know your own products very well! (storms off)
Me: (calling after her) Have a nice day ma’am! Good luck finding your (non-existing) dog food!

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