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(I work as a stock auditor, part of my job is literally counting stock on shelves in a variety of stores. We are currently doing a trial count for a store who is looking for a new contract, because of this being a new store we not only have my supervisor and manager who are at every shift, but also the area manager, district manager, national manager and the new head of sales for our company, who set up this trial. It is fairly late at night when we start, not long before the store should be closing as they expected very few or even no customers while doing the count.)
I’m counting stock on a set of shelves and a customer approaches me.
Me: “I’m sorry mam, but I don’t actuall work here. I’m just doing a stock take.”

Customer: “Are you going to help me or not?!”

Me: “I’m sorry but as I just said, I’m only doing a stock take for the store I don’t work actually work here.”

Customer: “so you’re not going to help me?”

Me: “we’ll i can try but I’m not sure how much use I’d be.”

Customer: “where is the gardening section?”

Me: “I’m sorry I don’t know.”

Customer: “what about the bakery ?”

Me: “Again I don’t know, sorry.”

Customer: “you just don’t want to help me.”

Me: “If I knew where anything was I would tell you, but I’ve never seen in this store until about 10 minutes ago and this is the first aisle I’ve been in. I’ve been told fridges and freezers are at the far end and pet food is in the next aisle, but that’s it.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager!”

Me: “if you’d really like but I don’t see how that would help.”

Customer: “Manager!”

I go and find my manager and come back with them. By the time I come back a store manager is already there. She is demanding that the useless employee be fired on the spot. The manager is telling him that no one of that description works there and that the description for the uniform is all wrong.

Customer: “there he is! Where has he been hiding ?! You’re getting fried for this!”

Store manager: “He doesn’t work here.”

My manager: “no, he works for me.”

Customer: “then you can fire him for being useless!”

My manager: “actually he was doing his job fine.”

Customer: “he doesn’t even know where anything is.”

My manager: “and he doesn’t have to”

Store manager: “I can help you find anything you need.”

Customer: “no, I want him fired, he is incompetent.”

My manager: “actually he was doing his job perfectly. He even tried to help you which he didn’t have to and then we’ve wasted time discussing this when he could of been doing his job.”

At this point the area manager, District manager, National manager, head of sales and the stores district manager walk round the corner and come down the aisle.

My district manager: “here he is, one of our finest”

He notices somethings going on and asks my manager about it.

My district manager: (jokingly) “oh well good job trying to help this lady , but maybe stick to what we know hey”

Apparently all the high up managers have heard this and think it’s a funny story and know who I am, I don’t know how to feel about that aha.

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