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(I go with my mom to a convenience store near our house to pick up a couple things. She ordered some photos and goes to the counter to pick them up.)
Clerk: Did you have any 8x10s?
Mom: No, they’re 5×7.
Clerk: Okay. (She looks for mom’s order.) Um, you’re (name)?
Mom: Yes.
Clerk: These are 4×6.
Mom: That’s right.
Clerk: Okay, I heard 5×7.
Mom: No, they’re supposed to be 4×6.
Me: You said 5×7.
Mom: No I didn’t. I said 4×6.
Me: No, you said 5×7.
Clerk: Yeah, I heard 5×7.
Mom: Why would I say 5×7?
Me: I don’t know.
(When we were walking to the car, she still insisted she said 4×6.)

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