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I work for a company where we provide professional development seminars for certain professions (mostly in the medical field). The following exchange takes place over e-mail. We offer a membership which is usually linked to a client’s e-mail. Please note that the client does not mention they have a membership (members pay a one time fee and then can attend events for free).

Client: I attended a course this past weekend and I registered late so I need my certificate.

(When a person registers late, it generally takes about two weeks for us to verify their attendance and send them their certificate).

Me: Dear (Client) After looking at this event, it does not appear you were on the roster in our database. When we receive the sign in/out roster from our presenter, we will verify your attendance as long as you are on the list and then send out your certificate. Please note it may take up to 28 to receive your certificate.

I think all is fine until two days later:

Client: i paid online, but wasn’t on the roster & have yet to receive my certificate.

We literally got the roster back that day I receive her reply. Turns out she had a membership but didn’t even bother signing up for the course but she signed the roster. I am able to verify her attendance and get her, her certificate. Wouldn’t you know she didn’t bother to tell us she had a subscription either.

Me: You had not mentioned you have a membership when you had mentioned attending the course. I do see you in the system under our subscription database. You signed up for the subscription but had not signed up for the class. I have gone ahead and added you to the roster and verified your attendance. Please see attached your certificate.

Moments later (I will add that she stressed she needed her certificate that day) I receive a reply.

Client: I can’t see the attachment, can you mail it to me?

Me: (facepalm)

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