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My daughter and I were at a popular fast food burger chain grabbing breakfast after an early morning doctors appointment. As we were waiting for take out a very well dressed young woman approached the counter – and she had an attitude.

Woman: I would like a [breakfast sandwich] and do you have cheddar cheese to go on that?

Clerk cannot get an answer in before the woman goes on.

Woman: Now, I would like a skinny latte with that.

Clerk: A what?

Woman: I want [breakfast sandwich] with cheddar cheese and a skinny latte.

Clerk: We cannot do that.

Woman: I want a skinny latte with…

Clerk: Ma’am we cannot do that.

My daughter and I are trying not to break out laughing. When my daughter pipes up.

Daughter: Does she realize she is at [popular fast food burger chain] and not [popular coffee chain]?

As we left the woman was still trying to figure out that at this place what you see on the menu is what you get.

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