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So it had been a particularly normal busy day at work. This was probably a few weeks before Christmas. We had no problems all day until these two ladies come to check out. I was chatting with them and it was going great. I commented what a great deal they were getting since they got their clothes from our clearance and they were very excited.

Then one of them made a comment about where we put our security tags. “We can’t see the size on the shirts. Someone needs to learn how to do their job.” One, we have separate tags on the shirts that show the size, two the size wasn’t covered, and three it’s corporate who decides where they go.

I told the woman corporate has us put the tags there. She goes full rabid on me screaming. Her daughter starts screaming. They don’t want to speak to the manager they want to talk to corporate. The daughter starts screaming at me to hurry because it’s hot and we keep the store too hot and she complaining to fire us.

My other coworker who was helping had no idea what was going on and what even sparked this fit. I stayed calm and quiet and finished their transaction. The mother throws her money at me and I honestly had it by then, but I handed her change back and told her to have a nice day as i handed her the bags she rips them from me and her and her daughter storm off.

I never realized security tags caused such anguish in people’s lives, but I never did see those ladies ever again.

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