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I had just finished pumping gas at the self-serve pump, after having used my rewards card to get my 3 cents per gallon discount. I heard an old man yelling at the attendant that he wasn’t getting his discount, because, apparently, he didn’t follow the clear instructions on how to use the rewards card. After calling the attendant several names and screaming at him, I had had enough. I went to his car and said, “Excuse me, but you owe him an apology. You have been abusing him about something over which he has no control. You claim he didn’t give you clear enough directions, but he politely explained to him several times how to do it. I heard him, and I understood every word he said. Frankly it’s a******s like you that make a job like his job unpleasant.” So the old guy turned his wrath on me and said, “You…. you… YOU MUST BE A DEMOCRAT!”

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