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(In order to donate plasma your vitals have to fall within certain ranges. Due to the nature of plasma donation we get a lot of regulars who depend on the money you get from donating. While this doesn’t happen often, donors have the right to request another person to take their vitals as long as they don’t mind waiting. This happens with a particular man that’d done a health screening on just twice before.)
Me: “come on in [donor]!”
Donor: *without looking at me and sounding annoyed* “can I get someone else please?”
Me: *wondering what on earth I did to this guy* “yeah of course I’ll. Put your chart back on the pile”
(For several months after this event. The donor not only refuses to let me do a health screening., or even look at me. On several occasions I even heard him asking which room I was in and then request to but put as far away as possible. This goes in for months and I still have no idea what I did to offend this guy.)
Me: * manning front desk and greeting donors as they come in when I see him coming through the front door* “good morning [donor] how are you today”
Donor: “Nah” *turns around and leaves before the door is even closes*
*after asking all my coworker what I did to this guy and getting no answers I head home to enjoy a day off. What happened the next day was relayed to me by a coworker.
Donor: ” Hey [coworker] is that tiny blonde one here today?”
Coworker: “no she’s off toda. ”
Donor: “oh thank god. Everytime I see her I fail the health screening and I need this money today”
Coworker: “what do you mean? Do you need to speak with the manager about her, I’ve noticed you two don’t seem to get along”.
donor: ” what no that’s not it at all”
Coworker: “then what is it?”
Donor: “come on I’m a married man I don’t need to get into trouble”
Coworker: “wait what?!”
Donor: “she’s just so sweet and so cute everytime I see her my pulse goes through the roof.”
I was so relived that I didn’t do anything wrong that after this I started avoiding him. Until he got his vitals passed anyway

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