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, | Unfiltered | April 15, 2021

(This happens while I’m walking through the dollar store after I’ve attended a business event and I am wearing a nice dress and blazer. I’m a teen but I tend to be mistaken for being an adult especially when I’m dressed in business of formal attire. I also am in an area that is prominently Asian)

*casually walking past the aisles*

Random Asian lady: “*in broken English* Excuse me, do you know if dollar store sells curtain for the shower?”

(I definitely do not look like I work there but I know the store pretty well and we’re near that section)

Me: “Shower curtains?”

Asian lady: “Yes”

Me: “Umm, I think so *walk her to the aisles I think it would be in* they’re probably in this aisle *points to aisle* or this aisle *points to other aisle*.

Asian lady: “Ohh thank you so much.”

Me: “You’re welcome!”

(I honestly don’t know why this lady would ask me where the shower curtains were but then again weird stuff happens at dollar stores.)

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