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My dad went with my grandfather and uncle on a fishing trip to Canada. Everywhere there are warnings about ticks but my uncle didn’t pay too much attention to that. This resulted in him bringing home a tick and my dad the lucky recipient of said tick.

He gets horribly ill and even worse the tick wouldn’t back out of his bellybutton. He has to be hospitalized for treatment. He is in a lot of pain during this and is given pain killers on a regular basis just to keep it manageable.

My mom goes to see him one morning and he is howling in pain. He can be a bit of a baby about illness but this is over the top. She finally gets out of him that the night nurse came in and only injected half of the pain killers saying the doctor was cutting him back. A few hours later he called her back asking for the rest as it wasn’t enough. She refused to give the rest of the prescribed dosage.

My mom is the medical expert in our family. She knew that the doctor hadn’t changed a thing because she spoke with him everyday. She can be quite a bully but if someone in our family is ill she never s fails to make slow medical process lightning quick.

She demanded the doctor immediately and confirmed no change in the medication was ordered. The nurse had kept it for herself.

I imagine the nurse was fired for stealing a controlled prescription. As for the rest of the night staff, we have no idea why no one else thought a patient crying out in pain was okay for several hours.

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