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(Our hotel is new, and everything is working just fine. Until a frantic looking woman and her mom rush up.)

Women: “Please, you got to take us to Room 108!”

Me: “Ma’am, you need to show ID.”

Women: “No you don’t get it, [Name] is there and he’s trying to commit suicide!”

(I look over at my coworker, who is a take charge type of guy, get the ID, and he takes them to the room. He knocks and opens it with his master key, while the women are screaming hysterically. Turns out that they were the ex wife and daughter of the guest, who had overdosed on pills and alcohol. They explained that he had called them and said that he was going to kill himself, and hung up. The guest was taken to the hospital and had his stomach pumped and managed to recover. He was given the mental help that he needed. But I feel sorriest for the daughter, who had to see and go through all that!)

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