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, | Unfiltered | April 10, 2021

A guest recently came in to notify us that he was putting in a complaint with our tax commission because our front desk agents refused to accept his Disabled Veteran card. The reason they refused was because the guest refused to allow them to make a copy of his ID with the tax exempt card, which we have been told multiple times by our accounting department is a must.
Admittedly, I don’t know if that is compliant with the law, BUT what I do know is that the man’s motion won’t go forward – because he wants the two agents that he worked with fined PERSONALLY, not the hotel itself.
First of all – this man claims to be a lawyer. In the snippet of tax code he cited, it states that VENDORS can be fined, which front desk agents are not, they are employees, which he should know.
Second – the fine is more than these agents make in a week. He lost less than $30 over the issue. So not only is he an idiot, he’s an a** as well.

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