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(I work in accounts receivable collecting money from customers who have a credit line with us, generally 30 days later but some customers don’t pay for a lot longer than 30 days, this customer hasn’t paid in nearly 200 days. His order was originally for 20 [items] and before we shipped it to him he changed it to 10 [items]. This occurs after he has paid for five of the [items]. This all occurs over email.)

Me: I am emailing you the proof of deliveries for all 10 [items] as well as the invoice for all 10 and the copy of the check that only paid for 5 [items].

Customer: (via email) I paid for this order, and don’t forget that I changed my order from 20 [items] to 10! And I only received 10 [items].

Me: Yes sir, I am aware you changed the order from 20 to 10 but you only paid for 5! Please provide payment for the rest of the order.

Customer: I don’t understand what you mean, I am going to CC my boss so he can figure this out too.

Boss: We paid for this order. I am attaching our purchase order where you can clearly see we only ordered 5 [items].

Me: Please scroll down to where [Customer] wrote that he received 10 [items].

(Ten minutes after that email was sent.)

Boss: We are going to pay for the rest of this

(The lesson, always make sure you get everything in writing! I can’t prove they were trying to scam my company but the fact that they kept trying to only pay for half of the order sure felt like it!)

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